September 14, 2011

My True Ghost Story

Barry Napier wants ghost stories--true ghost stories. Now, I might write about the supernatural, but I'm not the kind of cat who actually believes in ghosts. But, I've had some strange experiences in my life, predominantly in the rural setting of my childhood. Nothing like an old house on top of a hill and a backyard full of wilderness to spark ghostly rumors and encounters.

One of the stories that springs to mind is one from when I was eighteen or nineteen. I was babysitting my sister and her friends at the house while Mom was at work. Babysitting is an inaccurate term, since my sister and her friends were only a few years younger than me. I was basically there to make sure they didn't burn the house down--or invite boys over.

They had the upstairs to themselves, while I tried to stay out of their way watching TV downstairs. Unbeknownst to me at the time, one of the girls brought a Ouija board. Our father had died that year, and the gals thought it would be a bright idea to see if they could summon his spirit. Kind of cute in its way, since Dad was even less inclined to believe in ghosts and such than me.

Some time past sundown, I was in the kitchen making popcorn, and only a few seconds after turning the machine on I heard a chorus of spine-chilling screams directly above me from my sister's bedroom. I raced upstairs with no clue what I'm going to see--did a bat get in the house or did someone cut themselves on something? I was about halfway up the stairs when the girls met me at the top of the steps in pitch black.

"Did you do something to the lights?"

"Did you mess with the fuse box?"

The girls hurled a slew of breathy, accusing questions at me, all the while I'm frozen mid-step on the stairs wondering just what the hell is going on. Come to find out, they'd been using the Ouija board trying to talk to Dad or any ghost they could find. They'd asked if there was a spirit in the room, and the marker pointed to yes, then spelled out D-A-D. That freaked them all out, but the screams didn't start until every lamp light and hallway light upstairs blew out.

Now, it was an old house, and the wiring would be redone in the next couple years, so that's a likely explanation, but the timing raised a lot of hairs on my neck that night.


  1. Very nice. Electricity is a strange and mysterious beast at times.

  2. At the time I think I was more annoyed than creeped out. The girls, on the other hand, were flipping out and took over the living room the rest of the night.