September 28, 2011

It's back ... and this time it's personal. The Return of the Monster Movie Marathon!!!

Last year, I hosted a week of guest posts leading into Halloween called the MonsterMovie Marathon. I thought it turned out nicely with a lot of authors and bloggers offering up their thoughts on their favorite movie monsters. This year, I'm bringing it back and doing things on a slightly larger scale, stretching things out for a whole three weeks. Every single weekday will feature a guest post from an author or blogger, while I'll be using the weekends to blog about a few of the monster movies I've enjoyed recently--and even a few books I've read with monsters in them.

Plus, I'll be including a couple of giveaways for readers this year. One of the prizes will be an audiobook copy of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Ben H. Winters and Jane Austen. Another will be announced on October 24th to coincide with the Spooktacular Giveaway Blog Hop.

"Monster" is a broad term in this marathon. Oh, you can count on the giant monsters like Godzilla and King Kong, but don't forget the Universal-style monsters like Frankenstein and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Then, you've got the monsters that have saturated the pop culture landscape like vampires and zombies. Oh, and don't forget cuddly monsters like the Muppets, or the oddball monsters like killer tomatoes, and why not some of those mythical creatures like the Minotaur or the Kraken.

So be sure to check out the blog throughout October for all your monster needs. Here's a look at the schedule:

Oct. 7th - Monster Movie Marathon Giveaway: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
Oct. 8th - my review of the Norwegian film Trollhunter
Oct. 9th - my review of the third novel in Jonathan Maberry's Pine Deep trilogy, Bad Moon Rising
Oct. 10th - Carol Weekes, author of Terribillis and The Color of Bone
Oct. 11th - Louise Bohmer, author of The Black Act
Oct. 12th - Tim Marquitz, author of Armageddon Bound,
Oct. 13th - Pam from The Midnyte Reader
Oct. 14th - Tim McGregor, screenwriter and author of Bad Wolf
Oct. 15th - my review of the animated kids movie Monsters Vs. Aliens
Oct. 16th - my review of Steve Vernon's middle-grade novel, Sinking Deeper
Oct. 17th - Mark A. Gunnells, author of Asylum
Oct. 18th - Peter from TheMan Eating Bookworm
Oct. 19th - Rosey from Rosey's Review
Oct. 20th - Amy Grech, author of Blanket of White
Oct. 21st - Eva from Darkeva's Dark Delights
Oct. 22nd - my review of the SyFy original movie Dinocroc Vs. Supergator
Oct. 23rd - my review of Cherie Priest's historical horror nove, Those Who Went Remain There Still
Oct. 24th - Velvet from vvb32reads
Oct. 25th - Ryan from Wordsmithsonia
Oct. 26th - Zoe E. Witten, author of Peter the Wolf
Oct. 27th - Jennifer from Book Den
Oct. 28th - Michael West, author of Cinema of Shadows
Oct. 29th - my review of the Hammer Films classic, The Mummy
Oct. 30th - my review of Jeff Strand's body horror thrillride, Benjamin's Parasite
Oct. 31st - Monster Movie Marathon Wrap-Up
Nov. 1st - Giveaway winners announced

There's going to be lots of good stuff to be read through October. I've had a chance to read the first few contributions to come in and the topics are as diverse as the guests themselves. Just like last year, actually. I hope you'll stop by, check out what everyone has to say on their monsters of choice, and leave a comment or two and share your own opinions.


  1. looking forward to this fab event!

  2. Can't wait for the festivites to get underway!

  3. All fun reads so far, which I've uploaded and scheduled. Hope you all enjoy them, too.