September 13, 2011

Getting Graphic: "Irredeemable Vol. 2" by Mark Waid and Peter Krause

Irredeemable Vol. 2
created and written by Mark Waid
illustrated by Peter Krause
Boom! Studios (2009)
ISBN 9781608860005

The world's most powerful superhero ever, the Plutonian, has gone outhouse crazy and turned into the world's most dangerous supervillain. But despite the ability to destroy the entire world and everyone in it, the damage he has caused hasn't been total, and his former allies are still alive--most of them anyway--trying to evade his wrath and find a way to stop him. Good luck with that. The guy sank the entire nation of Singapore for crying out loud.

This second volume picks up the action as the Plutonians former allies, the Paradigm, are try to regroup after the shelacking they received during their last encounter with the Plutonian. Heroe are dead, others injured, and the mad scientist of the group, Qubit, has resorted to building android replicas of Plutonian's arch-nemesis, Modeus, in an attempt to find the supervillain--the one guy on the planet Plutonian is genuinely frightened of.

Meanwhile, secrets are bubbling to the surface that offer the real reasons behind Plutonian's betrayal and atrocities. An especially disturbing discovery is made when the group finds his secret lair, which is not totally unlike Superman's Fortress of Solitude--though Supes didn't keep an BDSM shrine of his unrequited love, and a female supervillain serving as a sex slave so she may be spared death. Yeah, dude's lost it.

The revelations and inner turmoil among the members of the Paradigm are all very engaging, and I'm officially on board the bandwagon for this series. Sometimes recommendations from people really work out, as I discovered this series thanks to listening to a podcast interview with Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni on Snark Infested Waters back in July, where the host mentioned one of the comic books he had recently been reading and enjoying. Good stuff, indeed.

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