September 7, 2011

Cemetery Dance's New Promotional Offer: Will Tweet For Books

If you love horror literature, especially free horror, Cemetery Dance Publications has a great promotional offer going on through the month of September.

WILL TWEET FOR BOOKS is happening all month long, and CD is giving you four chances to win $100 of free books from them. By following Cemetery Dance on Facebook and Twitter, as well as following their managing editor, Brian James Freeman (Facebook and Twitter), and spreading the word about this offer on both social media sites, you have a shot at winning some great books.

Now, I have no idea what books CD plans to give away when the winners are announced, but you can be sure they have a ton to choose from. A few of titles on their site include: Richard Chizmar's Shivers VI, Thomas Tessier's Wicked Things, and the upcoming trade hardcover for Jack Ketchum's The Woman.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the contest is limited to those residing in the U.S., but even if that's the case, it doesn't do any harm in spreading the word about quality horror fiction. Go check it out. UPDATE: Just got word from Brian James Freeman that the promotion is open worldwide, so have at it!

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