June 2, 2011

On My Radar: "Possessed", a new anthology

Possessed: Spine Tingling Tales From Ten Masters of Horror is a new anthology available on the Amazon Kindle Store.

I caught wind of this on Facebook recently, thanks to one of the contributing authors and editor, Nate Kenyon.

Nate's responsible for writing one of my favorite novels from 2010, Sparrow Rock, so on the occasion when he has something to pimp out, I'm going to pay attention.

Here's the write-up via Amazon:

Welcome to hell.

Hands that live on, long after their owner is dead. A little girl who learns about killing, with a little help from Doctor Nine. A diary that suggests murder to whoever writes in it. An encounter with a fallen angel that ends with a death--and a rebirth, of sorts. And other encounters with things birthed from the darkness that are far worse.

Inside these pages are terrifying stories of possession, madness and murder, by ten of horror's brightest stars. These are masters at work, and their stories will shock you, make you gasp, and make you wonder if those noises you hear in the night are not simply the house settling, but something far more ominous.

Don't look now...that thing from your nightmares may be right behind you.

Editor's introduction by Nate Kenyon

Stories by: Maria Alexander, Kealan Patrick Burke, Nate Kenyon, Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney, Lisa Morton, Joseph Nassise, Scott Nicholson, Jeremy Shipp, and Simon Wood


  1. Sounds cool, BUT if folks don't stop using that image on their covers I'm going to lose my mind.

  2. Hi Fox,
    This antho does indeed sound cool and like it has a lot of potential, especially from Nate's involvement.
    @ Peter, is that cover image a stock photo or something that a lot of book covers have used? I know there's this one vampire image like that, which one blogger used to use and then an anthology decided to use it.

  3. Peter - That prevalent, huh? I thought I'd seen it before. There've been quite a few images used ad nauseum on covers. I guess that's been going on for ages, but I only started noticing since I started blogging.

    Darkeva - Yeah, the list of authors is pretty enticing.