June 10, 2011

Follow Friday for June 10th, 2011

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee. Click here to see the original post. This week's question is:

Q. The magic book fairy pops out of your cereal box and says "you and your favorite character (from a book of course) can switch places!" Who are you going to switch with?

A. First of all, I knew there was a reason I didn't eat breakfast cereal that much any more.

Secondly, I read a lot of horror literature, which doesn't exactly offer many characters with whom I'd care to trade places. I'll go in a different direction and trade places with Scott Pilgrim. He's about as clueless as me, but he's in a band, his girlfriend works for Amazon (maybe snag some free books, despite Scott's aversion to reading), and he's almost a superhero with his fighting skills. The whole "defeat my evil exes" thing might put me in some peril, but it beats trading places with that kid from The Shining.


  1. New follower! Trading places with Scott Pilgrim would be amazing! I also love horror. I used to just eat of those Fear Street books when I was in jr. high! Happy hopping :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  2. Hopping through. I've never read much horror. What would you recommend for a squeamish reader to start with?
    My Hop