June 24, 2011

Dark Regions Press Offers Up Lovecraftian Chills

On June 14th, Dark Regions Press officially released a new collection of Lovecraftian novellas by James Chambers entitled The Engines of Sacrifice. Here's the product description courtesy of DRP:

In hidden places, they sleep and dream, and through their dreams they touch humanity--but their touch brings only the stains of horror, death, and madness...until the day the Old Ones return.

In The Engines of Sacrifice, acclaimed writer James Chambers delivers four nightmare novellas inspired by the Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft.

Investigation 37: In the late years of the Vietnam War, Lavender May runs away from home to search for freedom and peace in New York City, but instead, she finds only a world of magic, witchcraft, and lies.

The Ugly Birds: Only one thing could save Carmine Darabont's comics magazine from going under: publishing the next chapter of the hit series "The Otherworlders." But what dark secret drives its creator--Carmine's ex-fiancé--to refuse to deliver it?

The Hidden Room: At the height of the Cold War, Doctor Calvin Lenox is a member of the Nuclear Emergency Search Team. With his life spiraling into despair, he confronts the mystery of a runaway Soviet defector and the death of three men, only to find himself at the mercy of...the Faceless God.

The Engines of Sacrifice: What is the power of words? Can they control the fabric of reality? In a horrifying new world, underground author Rowley Cray struggles against a totalitarian government gone insane and the possibility that he can control the souls of the dead.

Praise for James Chambers:

"Chambers is adept at striking the perfect balance of darkness and light...." --Dark Wisdom

"...Chambers acknowledges the internal monsters of the psyche. He also adroitly addresses the external evils; those terrors that are kept at bay for the sense of sanity." --Hellnotes

"...for those who like their horror straight up and to the point..." --Horror Fiction Review

"Chambers has a skill for evoking the emotions that are needed in the horror field."  --David Agranoff, Postcards from a Dying World 

 "Chambers writes stories that are paced fast enough to friction burn a reader's eyeballs." --Horror Reader.com

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  1. This sounds very cool. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!