May 11, 2011

Wish List Wednesday #98: Gemma Files' "A Rope of Thorns"

I'm not sure how popular the weird western genre is, but I have a feeling it's one that I could really get into. Back in March, I won an e-book copy of Gemma Files' debut novel, A Book of Tongues, courtesy of The Ranting Dragon and Chizine Publications. So, I figured I had better put the sequel, A Rope of Thorns, on my wish list.

The Hexslinger series tells the story of Ed Morrow, a former Pinkerton agent turned gun-for-hire. Set in a western landscape, he is tasked with learning all he can about a magician--or hexslinger in this world--named Asher Rook who is hellbent on breaking the curse preventing hexslingers from consolidating their powers and unleashing an Aztec god's unholy army in the process.

The story goes a whole lot deeper than that, and this second book promises to bring even more goodness than the first.

Have you heard tell of this series? Sound like something you'd be interested in, too?

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