May 25, 2011

Wish List Wednesday #100: Matt Haig's "The Radleys"

I don't care if a book gets a lot of praise from mainstream book critics, like The Radleys by Matt Haig. I have never given those critics any more regard than I do for book bloggers or the anonymous mob that reviews on It's word of mouth that will sway me into giving a book a chance, and that's what has perked my ear with The Radleys, because the word of mouth has been very favorable.

And that's what a book with vampires needs to get me the least bit interested these days. I haven't read as many vampire novels as most horror and dark fiction fans, but I've read enough that I need something that breaks from the norm. And a suburban setting with a British family who just happens to be vampires strikes me as a book that diverges from the conventional wisdom of vampire lore. The parents have always known, but their two teenage children are only realizing they are different. It sounds utterly fascinating to me.

Have you heard of this book? Have you read it by any chance? Are you, perhaps, sick of vampires?


  1. I think this book is already in my to buy pile, but if not SOOOOOO adding it.

  2. I have a copy lined up to read and review. Canongate are a great publisher and they don't come out with many duds IMO. They have had a few "fantasy" books in their line-up this year but they are not to be compared to the hoardes of mass-produced fantasy in the market at the moment.

    Depending on what's on my doormat when I get home, I may very well be starting it tonight :)