May 27, 2011

Chasing Tale in May (Digital Edition): Jeff Bennington, Duane Swierczynski, Dave Zeltserman ...

I may not have an e-reader, but that sure hasn't stopped me from buying e-books lately. I read them on my laptop, which is a might better than when I first started reading e-books off my old desktop computer with that old CRT monitor--mothersmuckers, that was hard on the eyes! Nowadays, I use the Kindle for PC app, which is far and away better than reading a PDF. I also have the Nook for PC app installed for when I have EPUB files to read, but those are rare occurrences.

I prefer over because there's just no hassle at all when I use gift cards to buy e-books there, as opposed to the miserable experience I had trying to redeem a gift card on B&N's site. It didn't take long to see why Amazon is dominating. I just wish there were e-readers besides the Kindle that could read their e-books, because I hate the proprietary nature of the device.

So, onto the book collecting. I bought a couple on the Kindle Store, got a couple review copies, and a couple freebies. I recently signed up as an Amazon associate too, so if you're interested in purchasing any of these Kindle books, simply click on the title and authors name (Book Title by Author's Name), and you'll go straight to that book's details page.

Reunion by Jeff Bennington - I'm not sure where I first heard about this book--maybe Scott Nicholson's blog or maybe it was on Twitter. At any rate, Jeff has been on a blog tour for a couple of months promoting this supernatural thriller. Part of the promotion was a Kindle giveaway (nice), and the other part was offering the e-book for a scant 99 cents (very nice).

The Damned Busters by Matthew Hughes - I received an advance review copy of this sci-fi novel. It's got an interesting hook, and a great looking cover. Considering it's published through Angry Robot Books, there's a fairly good chance I'll enjoy it since I've been lucky thus far reading their publications.

Heaven in Hell (Dead Man #3) by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin - I may not rush out and buy any of Lee Goldberg's Monk novels (not a fan of the show), but I'm definitely on the bandwagon for this Dead Man series he and William Rabkin have spearheaded. This third installment was released in early May, and I'll be offering my review of it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

The Gospel of Bucky Dennis by J.R. Parks - Thanks to Paperback Horror, I caught wind of this e-book, which was free for a week. I have no idea who J.R. Parks is, what this book is about, but if it's good enough for [name], then it's good enough for me.

The Black God's War by Moses Siregar III - John Ottinger, who runs a great sci-fi blog called Grasping for the Wind, pointed me towards a free novella being offered by the author, which acts as a precursor to an epic fantasy. I keep trying to warm up to epic fantasy, but so far I've found them to be too ... well ... epic. Perhaps a novella will charm me more than the 700 page novels that seem so popular in the genre.

Fun and Games by Duane Swierczynski - This is another digital arc of a book due for release in early June, so expect my review to coincide with it. I heart crime fiction more and more, and it looks like Swierczynski could wind up being a go-to guy in the future. I've ordered his 2009 novel, Severance Package, which was heralded by quite a few whose recommendations I trust.

Blood Crimes (Book One) by Dave Zeltserman - My blog roll is crazy long, but one of the places I try to visit every week is The Man Eating Bookworm. Thanks to Peter and his blog, I discovered Dave Zeltserman was offering the first book in a new series on the Kindle Store until the end of May for only 99 cents. I read Zeltserman's novel, The Caretaker of Lorne Field, earlier in the year, so I'm well aware of how talented a storyteller he is. With that in mind, a buck was nothing short of a bargain.

The Zombie Feed Vol. 1 by Jason Sizemore (editor) - It wasn't all that long ago I read and reviewed Asylum by Mark Allen Gunnells, which was the first release from Apex's imprint, The Zombie Feed. Well, Jason Sizemore has a collection of stories out now, which looks to be quite promising. Fingers crossed.

Those are my e-book finds. What have you added to your e-reader lately?


  1. I have a friend that will convert EPUBs into Kindle files for me so I'm sure it can be done in the other direction too. In the UK, the Kindle is the cheapest ereader by far so it wasn't much of a decision to be made.

    Mostly my Kindle is for review books though. I find the ebook prices are a little high for my liking and I still prefer to own paper books.

    I've read and reviewed The Damned Busters. I started out loving it but the characters weren't fleshed out enough for me.

  2. The cover of Reunion looks good. I'll have to check it out.