May 2, 2011

Chasing Tale in April: Jack Ketchum, Scott Nicholson, MJ Rose ...

My love of books doesn't seem to translate into birthday gifts. In fact, it is rare I should receive a book on my birthday--or even Christmas for that matter. Granted, I don't go around advertising my wish list in the weeks leading up to the occasion, but it seems like it'd be an easy gift requiring hardly any consideration. A book--any book--would be welcome on my shelf if given. Bah. Listen to me pissing and moaning about something so trivial as that. I appreciate the gifts I do receive, but I just can't help but find it odd that people would buy me chocolates or some other junk food--when I'm actually trying to eat healthier--instead of a dime-store novel that might even cost less that the Ferraro Rocher or the Tim Horton's gift card.

Any any rate, I did receive some books this month, so let's take a look at what they are:

Ring of Knives (The Dead Man series) by James Daniels (e-book) - Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin offered up a very fun, very engaging series debut a couple of months back called Face of Evil (you can read that review by clicking here), so I'll be interested to see how this second book in the Dead Man series from James Daniels holds up. These are short novels, novellas really, so I should breeze through it in no time.

The Summoner by Layton Green (e-book) - I actually received this at the very end of March as I recall, but neglected to list it in March's Chasing Tale update. It's a suspense thriller with an interesting premise. Thrillers have often been a hard genre for me to get into, but I continue to read them because I don't want to be one of those people who closes himself off to potentially entertaining reads simply because they don't fit in my favorite genres.

The Woman by Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee (e-book) - I expressed my want to read this book back in Wish List Wednesday #90, so when I had the opportunity to get an electronic copy from Crossroad Press, it was an easy decision. I'm going to reviewing quite a few titles from that publisher over the next year, and their catalog of titles is nothing short of expansive so far--and it's getting bigger.

13 Broken Nightlights by Barry Napier (e-book) - Barry had a special offer at the start of April, where folks who had purchased and reviewed (or about to review) his novel, The Masks of Our Fathers, could receive this short story collection as a complimentary gift. How cool is that? If you haven't read that novel yet, by the way, you can check out my review of it by clicking here. You can even click here to read my interview with Barry.

Liquid Fear by Scott Nicholson (e-book) - A sci-fi thriller? Alright. I find there is something about science-fiction literature that is hard to get hooked on, which I think has to do with my aversion to hard sci-fi. This novel from Scott Nicholson, however, sounds more like a thriller with some sci-fi elements peppered in. I can dig that, and the 99 cent price-tag didn't hurt either. Nicholson's work for only a dollar is such a steal it's obscene. By the by, you can also check out my reviews of his other works, Burial to Follow and Drummer Boy.

We Are the Monsters by Aaron Polson (e-book) - How the hell did I get this one? Aaron must have been doing a Twitter promotion--yeah, that sounds about right. I'm still looking to buy his novel Loathsome, Dark & Deep when I can whittle down my reading pile this spring and summer, but this one ought to be a good aperitif until then. In the meantime, here's my review of his short story collection, The Bottom Feeders.

The Hypnotist by MJ Rose (e-book) - I received a review copy of this title, which will be reviewed as part of an upcoming blog tour in June. Keep an eye out for this one. The book is a thriller/mystery with a hint of the supernatural thanks to past lives playing a role in the storyline. It's part of a non-sequential series, so I'm glad I don't have to go back and read the other books just to get an idea of what's going on.You find out more about it by visiting MJ's blog here.

Mental Shrillness by Todd Russell (e-book) -I received a review copy of this horror-themed flash fiction collection, and will be reviewing it as part of Todd's blog tour in May, so watch out for that. Being flash fiction and all, it should be an easy, quick read, and it'll be interesting to see what this self-published author has in store with his collection.

The Wild Hunt by Jared Sandman (e-book) -As part of Jared's Blogbuster Tour 2011, I'll be reviewing this book in July. It's got some pretty bad-ass cover art by Noah Bradley. You can find out more about this book by visiting Jared Sandman's blog. Sounds like horror mixed with historical fantasy, which could serve as an interesting mix.

And those are my books this past month. What books did you grab up in April?

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