April 19, 2011

Writing Like Crazy: I'm Not Quite What You're Looking For

It can be disconcerting at times when you wait for a response from a publisher or periodical, only to wind up falling just short of the mark. They like the story, but it's simply not quite what they're looking for.

Ouch. It's the kind of phrase that stings despite the good will behind it. The story isn't bad--an editor will have no qualms in telling you that, I figure--but it either isn't a good enough fit for the magazine or collection, or there is some indefinable piece of the story that is holding it back.

I don't know, I suppose it's nothing really. What one person doesn't accept, another may very well scoop up. It's like fishing with a gun, the refraction of the water winds up distorting your aim just enough so that you miss that elusive fish. Just gotta adjust my aim and pull the trigger again when the next fish comes around.

Okay, enough of the clumsy aquatic metaphors.

In some happier news, Fearology 2: Beware All Animals Great and Small, is inching its way toward publication through Library of Horror Press. My story, "Walk 'Em Up," will appear inside its pages, and I'm really looking forward to reading what everyone else has written.

Here's a shot of the cover art:

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

In the meantime, I've got over a dozen other short stories submitted to various markets. Fingers crossed. And I've got more on the way.

Just noticed that the flash fiction market, Everyday Weirdness, seems to have died. Well, I noticed it back in February, but Duotrope made if official, pretty much. Oh well, I had a story submitted there from back in November. Alas, "King Lloyd" will have to try his luck someplace else.


  1. That is one SERIOUSLY freaky bird!


  2. Sooo, what is it they *are* looking for? : )

    Congratulations on getting your story included and good luck on everything else you are putting out there.

  3. Keep at it bro, you'll break through.

    Congrats on getting your story in that anthology. Sounds cool.

  4. Chadwicked - Ain't it, though. The cover is by artist/writer, Ken Cain.

    Midnyte - I think they all want what I got--just better. :)

    Thanks, Cate.

    Peter - Oh, I'm too stubborn not to keep at it. The brick wall will someday relent to my skull.

  5. Very nice. Congrats! Diggin' this cover as well.

  6. Thanks, Ty. It is a cool cover.