February 16, 2011

Wish List Wednesday #86: Novellas by Lisa Morton and Peter Straub

Wish List Wednesday is a weekly meme I started in July '09, in which I put the spotlight on a book that is on my wish list--whether new release, blast from the past, or hidden gem. All February, I'm shining a light on novellas.

This week, I'll start by mentioning a book about nightmares and sanity and a California girl named Spike. The Lucid Dreaming by Lisa Morton sounds like the kind of psychological mindf-ck that one might expect from a young Clive Barker. Spike, a violent schizophrenic is institutionalized until she wakes up one day to find the whole world has gone mad and she might be the sanest one left. It was published as a limited edition through Bad Moon Books, with a very cool cover from the talented Zach McCain, so this might be one of those books that plays hard to get. Heck, it won a Stoker Award last year.

Then there is the celebrated author Peter Straub and his story, Pork Pie Hat. Cemetery Dance came out with this 128 page hardcover in the fall of last year. Disparate in tone from some of the other novellas on my wish list, this one tells the story of a jazz enthusiast who gets to meet a saxophone legend named Pork Pie Hat he thought long dead, only to be regaled with tales by the jazz man turned booze hound. Given Straub's lyrical talents with his writing, this little story might be a particular treat to read.

I've read Straub's work before, but not Morton. How you read any of her books? What did you think?

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