February 15, 2011

On My Radar: The Zombie Feed's Next Novella, Paul Jessup's "Dead Stay Dead"

The Zombie Feed, an imprint of Apex Book Company, is set to release the second book in their novella series. This one being a comical offering from Paul Jessup called Dead Stay Dead.

I read and reviewed their first novella by Mark A. Gunnels, Asylum, a few weeks ago. Pretty good. And I have read a previous novella by Jessup called Open Your Eyes. The guy's a definite wordsmith.

Here's the teaser for it, which makes it sound like it could be very ripe for comedy (I laugh at The Ghost Whisperer, but that's for the wrong reasons):
Natasha is a ghost whisperer. Her roommate is a gypsy able to explode heads Scanners style with her mind. And campus has been overrun by zombies. What’s a girl to do?

In Jessup’s fast-paced, gore-packed novella you’ll follow Natasha as she attempts to save her school (and humanity, she supposes) from an impending apocalypse. Funny, bizarre, and even a bit sad, fans of hardcore zombie fiction will find plenty to enjoy in Dead Stay Dead.

It's due to be published on February 22nd, but if you're interested you can pre-order it directly from their site by clicking the link below.

The Zombie Feed: Taking pre-orders for DEAD STAY DEAD by Paul Jessup


  1. Your postings are very informative for us horror fans.

    The link to your blog is now up on the Rock under "Friends of Ours Who Review Books."