February 1, 2011

On My Radar: Dark Regions' New Imprint Kicks Off with David Silva's "The Disappeared"

Dark Regions Press, which has a pretty keen eye on quality horror titles, has a new dark thriller imprint. And the first novel being published under this new imprint is The Disappeared by David B. Silva.

Despite Silva's success as an author over the years, The Disappeared was never submitted for publication in America, seeing the light of day primarily in the U.K. back in the mid-nineties. Well, Dark Regions has opted to be the first American publisher to put out this eery piece of fiction.

Here's a summary of the novel, along with a few blurbs:

Ten years ago: Gabriel Knight, age 11, takes a bike ride to the park and becomes one of the ... disappeared.

When Teri Knight answers a knock at the front door, she discovers her son Gabriel standing in the doorway. Only it can't be her son. Gabe took a bike ride to the park ten years ago, at age 11, and became one of the disappeared. He would be 21 now and this boy ... this boy is the same age as Gabe was when he went missing. Except for the color of his eyes, he looks exactly like her son. He's wearing the same clothes her son wore the day he disappeared. He even refers to her as Mom.

If he is Gabe, how is that possible?

Why hasn't he aged?

Where has he been for ten years?

And why is he so weak and in apparent ill health?

Teri is struggling with each of these questions and barely getting to know this boy who has arrived so unexpectedly, miraculously at her door, when a team of armed men arrive at the house in search of the boy.

For Gabe and Teri the clock is now ticking - and time is running out.

Who are these men?

What do they want?

Is this boy really Teri's lost son, Gabe?

A dark thriller with a highly unusual and inventive twist.

"Silva displays a talent not unlike that of Ray Bradbury's in his prime."
-- Publishers Weekly

"A truly skilled fantasist is able to extract the chilled essence of his personal darkness from the lives of ordinary people, something Silva accomplishes with stunning dexterity.
-- Rue Morgue Magazine

"Combining the deft characterization of vintage Stephen King with the literary subtlety of Ramsey

Campbell, he has for years been turning out stunning fiction that has never gotten the audience it deserves.
-- Bentley Little

"David Silva is a talented writer of novels and short fiction, who knows where the heart of a story lives, and who deserves a larger audience that has yet received."
This Dark Regions edition will be a 6x9 trade paperback, and it's available for purchase as of yesterday. For more information, just click on the link below.

The Disappeared by David B. Silva - Dark Regions Press


  1. I'm looking forward to the book. The cover art is a little, well,...

  2. Yeah, the cover art is creepy. Not sure if it's in a good way, though. Oh well.