February 11, 2011

Killer Kitsch: Eat Your Heart Out

I spied this on BoingBoing a little while back, and with Valentine's Day nearly here I thought I would share. Lily Vanilli makes gourmet cupcakes and has an interesting blog called Lily Vanilli Cake Fight.

For Valentine's this year, she's doing something special--and macabre. They're anatomically accurate heart cakes. Well, real heart aren't made of sponge cake with black current sauce for blood. But, you get the picture.

She says she makes them about the same size as a cupcake. I'm not sure how big cupcakes are in her neck of the woods, but there is a photo on her blog of someone digging into one, and that "cupcake" is monstrous.

I recommend giving her blog a closer look, as she's taking orders until tomorrow, so if you're in the right geographical location you might be able to snag one for your significant other--or just send one as a menacing love letter to your secret crush. Your call.


  1. OMG!!! That looks sooo real!! I don't think I could bring myself to eat something like that! Way cool, though. LOL

  2. From one horror writer to another it's probably a delightful gift, but I would double check the smile that offered it wasn't sinister.

  3. April - I know. There's a picture of a guy eating it on Lily Vanilli's blog and IT. GETS. EVERYWHERE.

    Cate - Definitely. And the intensity of eye contact, too.

    Anthony - Especially if you're a vegetarian. :)