January 4, 2011

Rabid Rewind: Road Kill

Road Kill
starring Sophie Lowe, Bob Morley
directed by Dean Francis
screenplay by Clive Hopkins
Lightening Media (2009)

It is quite apparent to me now, after watching this movie and remembering the 80s film Maximum Overdrive, that long haul trucks have no place in horror. I don't think I've seen a film with so much wasted potential. The premise of a demonic eighteen-wheeler terrorizing drivers on a desolate stretch of road should be an easy one to run with, but this one is just so terrible it's astonishing.

Four friends are camping in the Australian outback and driving back to the city when they notice a road train--a long haul truck with hauling two trailers--coming up behind them on the highway. Their excitement over seeing this is a tad confusing to me, because they act like they've spotted an endangered animal and want to marvel at its beauty. It's a bloody truck, and in my neck of the woods they're everywhere--not occasion to behave like a giddy child.

So the truck gives them a love tap before passing them. For some reason that escapes all logic, they pass the truck and taunt the driver as they do so from the comfort of their rinky-dink SUV. This is so moronic, I lost all interest in these four characters. Playing road rage with an SUV against a Mack truck is like taking a knife to a bazooka fight.

No surprise, they're run off the road and when they realize they lived through the crash, they see the truck up the road seemingly waiting for them. Do they run? Do they at least stay away from the truck? No, of course not. They march right over to it so they can give the driver a piece of their mind. At this point, I'm convinced these four friends not only will die, but that they need to die. It's amazing idiocy like theirs has allowed them to make it this far.

I'd go on some more about the inane plot of this film, but there's no need. It's a terrible movie, so what more do you need to know?

This is the fourth Fangoria Fright Fest film I've seen. Pig Hunt was tolerable, Dark House was not without its charm, and The Haunting was just too boring to review. Road Kill, so far, takes the cake as the absolute worst one yet. At this pace, I wonder if Fangoria is a brand in horror worth listening to at all. Because the movies they are stamping their brand on this year are wastes of my time at best--and at worst, insults to my sensibilities as a horror fan.


  1. Sounds like a rip-off of Matheson's "Duel" novella. Which funny coincedence was re-written as a sort of homage by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill as a novella called "Road Rage".

    I don't know what it is, but Aussie outback movies don't seem to work well. I'm pretty sure they had a road train in "Wolf Creek" as well. A road train is more than a single truck hauling a couple trailers. It's actually several trucks hauling several trailers, so there's the first hole in their story. I imagine this movie started with a bunch of boring scenes of the friends having fun in Australia before the actual action began?