January 19, 2011

Killer Kitsch: Urn for Ashes on the Behance Network

Back in October, I wrote a blog post about Huggable Urns and the creepy factor I thought came with them. Well, I stumbled upon another designer urn with a little less creep factor, but still qualifies as strange in my book.

Urn for Ashes on the Behance Network

In a way they resemble the ghosties from Pac-Man, all lined up like that in the picture to the upper-right. I can imagine a lone figure resting atop the mantle. A pleasant, unassuming little figure. Someone might say, "Oh, that's cute. What is it?" To which my reply would be, "An urn." Conversation over.

They're designed by Anna Marinenko. And while they hardly would match any of the decor in my home, if I were a minimalist with a cutesy edge, I think I could be persuaded into owning one of these. Of course, its ultimate use would be unappreciated by yours truly, since my ashes would be inside that adorable little glass encasement. Like a spooky Russian nesting doll for the dead.

What do you think? Too cute for a funeral?

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