January 8, 2011

Book Trailer: "Aslym" by Mark Allan Gunnells

Apex Books has a new imprint, The Zombie Feed. And there's a new novella from them that I'll be reading over the weekend by author Mark Allan Gunnells called Asylum. You can expect an interview with Mark in the near future too. This will be the first in a series of novellas from The Zombie Feed, so you might want to check it out. Here's the book trailer and the product description from The Zombie Feed:

Curtis, a young college student is dragged to his first gay club by his best friend Jimmy for a night of dancing, drinking and sex…at least until the dead start to rise and attack the club. Trapped inside the Asylum are a small band of survivors, including a drag queen, a male stripper, a Vietnam vet bartender, a pretentious gay couple, and an unstable DJ.

Will this motley crew survive the hungry undead rattling the sealed-off doors? Will they survive each other? Will they survive their own personal demons? Asylum recalls George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead--except with more gore and a more current social message.

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