December 20, 2010

On My Radar: Lisa Mannetti's "Deathwatch"

Lisa Mannetti and Shadowfall Publications have a great deal for the holidays. For a limited time, Lisa's new book Deathwatch is available for purchase for a mere $1.99 on Amazon. This e-book is a collection of two novellas, Dissolution and The Sheila Na Gig.

Here's a quick write-up from Lisa's blog:

In the first work, Dissolution, Stuart Granville is a would-be medical student from the South who's been sent down for drinking and believes he's heading north to Hyde Park, New York to tutor twin girls. Instead, he discovers that his charges, Abby and Eleanor, not only have never been to school of any kind, but that they are Siamese twins their father, a doctor with grandiose dreams, means to separate surgically, taking advantage of Stuart's expertise and his vulnerability--as well as the supernatural forces at work in the house itself.

In The Sheila Na Gig, Tom Smith is on a ship in steerage and bound for New York from his native Ireland after facing down the the constraints imposed by his family, overcoming the loss of his first love, circumventing his grandmother's wiles and occult knowledge, and trying to save his younger, mentally challenged sister, Delia, from both witchcraft and sexual abuse.
I've been on a real novella kick lately, so I'm really looking forward to reading this one over the Christmas holidays. And a nice caveat is that Shadowfall Publications guarantees: "... if you purchase a copy they will always see to it that you can read it on whatever E reader you have now--or later on."

So if you're looking for something inexpensive to add onto your Kindle--or someone else's--you may want to consider this one.


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  1. Hey Gef,

    Thanks for the mention...and even readers who don't have a Kindle can download it...they just go to the page and look on the lower right and download the FREE Kindle app for computers or Kindle app for whatever type of E reader or Ipad they have or prefer...

    Happy Reading, Happy Holidays!