December 24, 2010

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

It's the best time of the year--excluding Halloween!
And watch out for Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster!

The blog is going on hiatus until the New Year. I imagine the blogosphere will be pretty quiet next week, what with the holidays and all. I hope everyone had a great 2010, and let's keep our fingers crossed that 2011 shows remarkable signs of improvement all across the board.

I'd like to cap off the year with a GIANT THANKS to all of the bloggers, readers, and writers who have shared kind words, helpful advice, and some great stories this past year. I greatly appreciate it all and look forward to seeing what's to come in 2011.

Have a merry Merry and a happy Happy!


  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Hope you have fun while on hiatus.