November 4, 2010

Writing Like Crazy: Rejection. It's What's for Dinner.

It's been a while since I wrote about my writing life, so I thought it was I should probably offer up an update on what's new on the writing front.

Absolutely nothing.

There, that was easy.

That's not to say I'm not writing. It's just that what I've written isn't selling. I'm basically catching up on all those form rejections I should have gotten earlier in the year. I'm submitting more of my work, and as a result more of it is getting turned away at the door. And that's why I've held off on posting a Writing Like Crazy entry lately, because it would basically be a lamentation. Happy thoughts, Foxy, happy thoughts.

I'm looking forward and working on a couple of short stories as we near winter. Plus, I'm doing some research for a future submission to Woodland Press for a Mothman anthology. Fingers crossed.

As far as National Novel Writing Month goes, I am yet again not participating. I'm going to be pouring any energy that would have gone to that and focusing it on the projects I'm already working on. Maybe next year, but no promises. My first novel is whispering my name, after all, from its proverbial trunk, so I may have to stop ignoring it and give it some proper attention.


  1. You're working on something for the Mothman anthology as well? Awesome.

  2. Yup. The two big short story projects I'm digging into are for the Mothman anthology, as well as Ekaterina Sedia's Bewere the Night anthology.

    Fingers crossed that we both make the cut for the Mothman.

  3. One does feel a little left out not participating in NaNo...but in my case, at least, it's for the best.


  4. I'd like to write something for the Mothman anthlogy too and it has a lovely far-off closing date too.

  5. I plan to follow you, though my work computer doesn't want to show your button so I'll wait and do it when I'm at home!

    Thanks again for the follow! I'm so excited to have found your blog and have an extra buddy underneath my belt.

    I'm working on NaNo, just finished the mark today, phew, and now working on revisions for another story.

    Good luck with the winter writing!

  6. Aaron - Amen to that.

    Cate - Doesn't it though--too tempting at times for my procrastinating habits.

    Jen - Welcome aboard, and good luck with NaNo.