November 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #72: Stephen M. Irwin's "The Dead Path"

Wish List Wednesday is a weekly meme I started in July '09, in which I put the spotlight on a book that is on my wish list--whether new release, blast from the past, or hidden gem. 

If I've read a novel by an Australian author, I am unaware because I have never made it a point to seek out an Australian author's book. I think I ought to remedy that. Stephen M. Irwin has a debut novel out this October that sounds fairly promising. The Dead Path is a paranormal thriller/mystery, but let's just call it horror shall we. 

Ghosts. That's one in the plus column, in my book, but I've been burned in the past with lackluster titles. This one, judging from early reviews, seems to have a bit of a slow-burn literary bent to it that relies more on building atmosphere than creating jump scares, which is really a solid way to go most of the time when it comes to the supernatural. 

The whole grieving widower seeing ghosts thing might feel well-worn, especially when you look at shoddy Hollywood films that involves sullen leading men chasing shadows and things that go bump in the night, but I've got a good feeling about this book. I'll bet Irwin delivers the goods. 

Have you read any good books by Australian authors?

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