November 18, 2010

On My Radar: Steven L. Shrewbury's "Thrall" & Jackie Gamber's "Redheart"

I received word recently from author Stephen Zimmer that Seventh Star Press, which publishes his two fantasy series (the Rising Dawn saga and the Fires in Eden series), has announced two new additions to their line-up: Steven Shrewsbury and Jackie Gamber.

Shrewsbury has a new fantasy novel called Thrall coming out. Those heroic fantasies aren't exactly my bag, but I keep giving them a chance to see if I'll come around, and I've heard Greg Hall and others on the Funky Werepig podcast praise Steven Shrewsbury often enough that I might have to check this out.

As for Jackie Gamber, hers is a name I've heard once in a while but never really stuck with me. But the idea of a YA fantasy series with dragons sounds interesting, starting with the novel Redheart. Granted, I avoided Eragon, but that had nothing to do with subject matter and more to do with the word of mouth I heard about that book.

If you'd like to read the full press release, you can visit Seventh Star Press' site by clicking here.

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