November 1, 2010

The Monster Movie Marathon Round-Up

And so ends a week's worth of guest posts and movie reviews dedicated to all things monster.

I'd just like to extend a huge thanks to each and every author and blogger who contributed to this themed week. All the guest posts were a treat for me to read, and I hope everyone who stopped by to check them out did so as well. I'm going to leave the sub-header up at the top of my blog through the rest of the year, in case any lurkers get curious about it and want to have a quick way to check out all the entries.

In any case, here is a full list of all the guest posts--and my own--that occurred through the Monster Movie Marathon. If you haven't had a chance to read a particular one, I encourage you to check them out.

The Monster Movie Marathon Starts Now! - My introduction to the week and what it's about.


Nat Geo Amazing: Tokyo Monsters Attack! - A YouTube video by National Geographic about the magic of making monster movies.

RABID REWINDS (Movie Reviews)


  1. Really was a great week. Nice one, Foxy.

  2. I enjoyed it, although I seem to have misunderstood the concept. I thought we were to do it and send you a link. Fail on me.

  3. Thanks, Sarah.

    No worries, Kent. All's well that ends well.