November 23, 2010

Giveaway: "Duel" Novella Series (Volume 1)

It's the season of giving, or it will be soon anyway, so I figured I would give away a book I reviewed this week after winning it from Belfire Press. You can learn more about this title, including purchase information, by clicking here.


"Duel" Novella Series (Volume 1), which features two novellas, Orpheus and the Pearl by Kim Paffenroth and Nevermore by David Dunwoody.

Here are the write-ups for each story:

In our first “Duel” Novella Series release, we present the second print of Kim Paffenroth’s acclaimed Orpheus and the Pearl, paired with a new story from David Dunwoody titled Nevermore, or The Feast of Flesh.

Orpheus and the Pearl

In 1920 Massachusetts, Dr. Catherine MacGuire is mysteriously called to the home of the famous Dr. Wallston, to assist with some medical emergency that defies even his skill. The life-threatening problems she finds there have less to do with broken bodies than with warped souls, and it will take all her dedication as a healer to fix them.


Malcolm Witt died in his sleep at 11:07 PM. Four minutes later, his body rose and walked from the room. Malcolm watched it happen. And so begins 48 hours of a life-after-death struggle to save his friends, forgive his love, and put himself to rest, body and soul.

And if you're wondering where my reviews of each story are, you won't find them on Wag The Fox. Instead, you're going to need to visit Skull Salad Reviews, a short fiction review blog helmed by Aaron Polson.

Orpheus and the Pearl by Kim Paffenroth

Nevermore by David Dunwoody


Open to all. The last time I gave away books from my own bookshelf, I limited eligibility to Canada and the US, but this time around it's international.

Contest ends November 30th at midnight (EST). That gives you nearly a full week in order to enter your name for a chance to win.

Winner to be announced and contacted on December 1st. As you fill out the form below, you will need to provide your e-mail address, Twitter username, or some other method by which I can contact you should your name be drawn.

Extra entries. There are two ways to earn extra entries. You can receive 1 by either following or becoming a follower of Wag The Fox. And you can receive 1 by either following or becoming a follower of Skull Salad Reviews.

Winner will be chosen randomly via As each person enters, a number will be assigned to their entry (starting at 1 and moving up). Extra entries will be assigned a number as well, once all original entries are given a number. Then, whoever is linked to the number that is drawn will be the winner.


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