November 30, 2010

Chasing Tale in November: Ray Bradbury, Tonia Brown, Neil Gaiman ...

November was a weird month. The whole month just gave me a very odd, slightly unsettling feeling. I think it may have been the roller coaster ride that was the weather. Rain, sun, gale-force winds, serene clouds, drizzly overcast, localized flooding, and that goddamn humidity even came back for a couple of days. And snow! November 20th marked the first snowfall of the season. I know the joke is that if you don't like the weather in the Maritimes wait five minutes, but this is ridiculous.

Bah, enough of me kvetching about the weather. Here are the books I added to my horde.

The Cat's Pajamas by Ray Bradbury - I love Ray Bradbury. Not in the same way as the cutie-pie who made the musicvideo, "Fuck Me Ray Bradbury", but still ... Anyway, I spied this on a bookshelf and I couldn't recall ever hearing about this collection before. Sufficed to say I scooped it up pretty quick for a couple of bucks. I still have to get around to The Illustrated Man, so this one may be waiting a while.

Lucky Stiff: Memoirs of an Undead Lover by Tonia Brown - I first caught wind of this novel via one of my favorite podcasts, The Funky Werepig, and threw it on the wish list. Then, I won it a while ago from vvb32reads (thanks again, Velvet) and wound up corresponding a bit with Tonia to contribute a guest post in October for my Monster Movie Marathon. The idea of a comedic zombie horror novel with an erotica twist has got to be a new one for the zombie genre. Should be interesting.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - Gaiman is an author who simply does not disappoint. This award-winning novel has been on my wish list for a while and I managed to scope out a copy of it on the cheap. It's the most recent paperback release, but it still has the illustrations by Dave McKean. It had been a while since I'd visited the independent bookstore from where I bought it, and I was glad to see that this time there were more customers in there than just me. My last visit depressed me. Support indy bookstores, people!

"Duel" Novella Series Volume 1 (The Orpheus & The Pearl by Kim Paffenroth and Nevermore by David Dunwoody) - I won this from Belfire Press and was immediately impressed by it. They took a novella from an established author and coupled it with an original novella by an up-and-coming author. The two stories even have a vague connection as each deals with resurrection and the undead in some fashion. That's where the similarities end, though. You can find my reviews of each novella at Skull Salad Reviews. And hopefully you've entered my giveaway which ends at midnight tonight--someone will get my copy mailed to them.

So that's what I got in November. What titles did you snag in November?


  1. I really had to lay off buying books in November but since I *did* have a birthday, I was the lucky recipient of the Peter Straub-edited two-volume hardcover set American Fantastic Tales from The Library of America. It's a treasure trove of riches!

  2. You can't see me, but I just turned an envious shade of green.

  3. Did you just sandwich me between Bradbury and Gaiman? Boy, you just made a friend for life! woooooooooooooooooooot!

  4. I just had a very dirty mental image of you literally sandwiched between Bradbury and Gaiman.

    Picture that, me lady. And you're welcome.