October 27, 2010

Rabid Rewind: Dragon Wars

Title: Dragon Wars Starring: Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Craig Robinson, and Robert Forster
Writer/Director: Hyung Rae Shim
Released: Sony Pictures (2007)
Genre: Monster Movie

I think this movie took itself a little too seriously. If they'd played it for laughs a little more, which would have been a smart choice given they had Craig Robinson in the cast, I might have enjoyed it a whole lot more. As it stands, it felt like a cheap, flagrant attempt to cash in on the Cloverfield fans since it came out the same year. King of like when the first Transformers film was followed by the oh-so-wittily titled knockoff, Transmorphers.

Long story, short: There's a dragon running amok in Los Angeles and only a couple of D-list actors playing the reincarnated spirits of its enemies can stop the monster. Oh, and Robert Forster is in the movie for some reason. The rent was due, I suppose.

Okay, so the backstory is kind of cool. There's a Korean monster that's essentially a dragon and it wants to rule the world--or destroy it. To do that, it must get to this woman who is a chosen vessel for either the good dragon or the bad dragon. Kind of a first come, first serve thing. Anyway, her sworn protector screwed the pooch centuries ago and instead of sacrificing her to the good dragon, tried to flee the scene with her because he had the hots for her. What happens? They pitch off a cliff and die. Way to go, Romeo.

So, the evil dragon lays in wait until present day Los Angeles, where the resurrected spirits of both the woman and her protector have returned to fulfill their destiny. And the wise old man who gave them their destiny so long ago has been lurking around in the form of Robert Forster as an old antique dealer (or museum curator, I forget). So while the two lovers are running around L.A. trying not to get eaten or crushed, Forster is a full-time deus ex machina who swoops in to save them whenever they are too dimwitted to figure anything out on their own. For all the work he does trying to keep them from dying yet again, you'd think he'd just escort them at gunpoint to their point of destiny himself. Oh well. Who am I to question this movie's wisdom?

Aside from a couple of comical death scenes, there's not much to say about this movie that's positive. It's just one more terrible piece of sci-fi monster schlock that was rolled out at a bargain basement price. One of those SyFy channel type rejects that you'd ignore if you saw it in a remainder bin. That's what I should have done when I saw it at the library.

Live and learn.


  1. There are many good (perhaps even great) films to come out of Korea. Dragon Wars, however, is not one of them.