October 12, 2010

A Monster Movie Marathon: Coming Soon

For the week leading into Halloween, I'll be posting reviews of some of my favorite monster movies--and a couple reviews of my not-so-favorites.

There's something about a monster movie, whether it be horror or sci-fi, that has always fascinated me. Sometimes it's the allegory connected to the monster, sometimes it's just how damn cool the monster is. And since Halloween fast approaches, you know there are going to be a slew of them popping up on television. In fact, I've already seen a couple this past week.

I'm looking for guest posts and reviews too, so if you're interested in participating drop me a line (either via e-mail or Twitter or simply post a comment below).

If you're wondering what kinds of monsters I'm focusing on, I'll answer by saying all of them. Zombies, werewolves, giant insects, vampires, Sasquatch, you name it. If it's a movie with a monster, it's fair game.

I'll get the ball rolling on October 25th and carry it through until Halloween.

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