October 14, 2010

A Halloween Who'd You Rather: Dracula Vs. Wolfman Vs. Frankenstein

To commemorate Joshua Reynolds' new novel Dracula Lives! through Pulpwork Press--which is available on Halloween--I needed to come up with a Dracula themed blog post. Being of an irreverent mind, I thought I'd go with a TMZ style Who'd You Rather opinion poll.

So here's the question, ladies ... and gentlemen: Who'd you rather? Dracula, Wolfman, or Frankenstein?

Dracula - If nothing else, Bela Lugosi is the best dressed among the three. And it seems fashion sense is more and more important when seeking out a man. Albeit, his tastes are a tad more vintage than most, but he's a worldly man nonetheless. And who can argue with a guy who believes in maintaining eye contact and has a great smile?

Wolfman - Maybe you want a man with some hair on his chest. And his back. And his everything else. Lon Chaney might be right for you. Sure, he can be a bit temperamental, but you can usually avert unpleasantness if you schedule your rendezvous by the lunar cycle. If you're a vegetarian, however, there may be some compatibility issues.

Frankenstein - What Boris Karloff lacks in the looks department, he makes up for ... in the ... well, looks aren't everything, let's leave it at that. There's something to be said for the occasional big dumb jock. He's big and brutish and wears a size eleventeen boot, but he has a contemplative side too. Maybe he's not graceful on the dance floor. Maybe cuddling next to a roaring fire is out of the question. But he'll never devour your flesh or suck your blood dry, which is more than can be said for the other two.

So, who'd you rather?

And after you answer, be sure to pay a visit to Joshua Reynolds' blog, Hunting Monsters, where he's spending all October regaling readers with vampire goodness for Dracula Month.


  1. I've always been partial to the Wolfman myself. He pretty much qualifies as the ultimate gay Bear (despite the small problem of being the wrong species). He gets my Woof!

  2. I'm a man, but I'll answer anyway....
    I go with Dracula. At least he's (kind of human). Plus, he seems like he'd have the gentle touch.

  3. Dracula, of course. I've played a different version (Marry, Kill, $*&%), and I'd have to say Wolfman would be out of luck with me. Sorry, Wolfie.

  4. Jack - Well, he craps in the woods, so that must count for something in comparing wolfies to bears. :)

    Andrew - It might hurt at first, though.

    Aaron - It's the tail that's the dealbreaker, isn't it?

  5. If I had to pick, it would be Dracula. I've never been into a lot of body hari, so that would leave the Wolfman out. I would be worried about Franks body odor, since he is composed of, well corpses.

    We would just have to do somethingw ith Drac's, almost unibrow though and maybe a better wardrobe.