October 28, 2010

Guest Post by Joshua Reynolds: Werewolves

Today's guest post is from author, Joshua Reynolds. Here's a brief bio from his blog: "Joshua M. Reynolds is a freelance writer of moderate skill and exceptional confidence. He has written quite a bit, and some of it was even published. For money. By real people."

His new novel, Dracula Lives!, is available now through Pulpwork Press. I'm reading it now, and it's pretty darned good, so expect a review of that in the near future.


So, I'm sort of what you might call an equal opportunity monster fan these days. I've come to know the joys of the slow whisper of a mummy's bandages across a tomb floor and the flagrant rustle of a vampire's inappropriate evening wear. Nonetheless, there is a beastie which I hold close to my shrivelled black heart and that is the WEREWOLF. That ravening engine of two-or-maybe-four-legged destruction is just about the best darn monster ever, for my money.

I've seen just about every celluloid representation of the werewolf going, barring a few obvious entries *cough Twilight cough* and I have yet to be disappointed. Mind you, that likely has more to do with my tolerance for bad cinema than anything else. If we're aiming for favourite films though, mine has to be none other than Universal's classic werewolf picture...Werewolf of London.

I can already hear you now-'Heresy!' you cry, 'Heresy, sir!' Too which I say fie. Fie! Yes, The Wolf-Man is a great film, but Werewolf of London is better. Why? Two werewolves for the price of one! A werewolf-on-werewolf smackdown occurs that, while it sadly sees no actually fur flying, is quite cool nonetheless. Even better? One of the werewolves is also a mad scientist!

Fine, he's a botanist, but still! Tibetan werewolves! That's got to be better than the garden-variety European ones. Everyone knows Tibet is exotic. And they wear hats! And cloaks!

Also, if you'll allow me to get real for a minute, Werewolf of London got not one, but TWO songs based on it, by Warren Zevon and Paul Roland respectively and yeah, maybe Zevon mentions Lon Chaney instead of Henry Hull, but come on...Werewolf of London is totally rock and roll.

Oh, and since everyone and their dog has heard the Zevon one, have the Roland version:


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  1. I can't believe I've never seen Werewolf of London!