September 8, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #63: Carrie Vaughn's "Discord's Apple"

Wish List Wednesday is a weekly meme I started in July '09, in which I put the spotlight on a book that is on my wish list--whether new release, blast from the past, or hidden gem.

I can't say that I'm familiar with author Carrie Vaughn's work. Despite the face the main character from her urban fantasy series is apparently a werewolf talk-radio host, which sounds fairly original as far as werewolves go, I haven't come across her name until now. The reason I did is because she has a new stand-alone novel out this summer.

Discord's Apple is a fantasy novel set in the not-too-distant future about a comic book writer who discovers a magical artifact in her dying father's basement. How big of a deal is the artifact? Oh, nothing big. Only the Apple of Discord that prompted the Trojan War. You know ... that old chestnut.

I like the sounds of this one because the plot sounds very cool, and yet it is a stand-alone, which means I can expect an honest-to-god resolution at the end of the book without having to wait months on end to read a sequel--or two more books that make it one more trilogy. One book, one big-ass adventure. That's going to be a nice change of pace, because I am up to my neck in trilogies and series these days.

Have you heard about this novel? Sound like something you'd like to read?

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