September 27, 2010

And the Winner Is ... (plus more contest news)

I think I will count this giveaway as a success thanks to the number of entries and new visitors to the blog. Too bad I couldn't have made it truly international (Sorry, Cate).

A couple interesting tidbits from the info volunteered by the entrants: 20% of those entered were Canadian, which is about par for the course I suppose since we're one tenth the size of America; and the majority of those entered singled out Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells as the book they're most eager to read from the five.

Okay, enough stalling. I tallied up all the entries and gave each follower of the blog an extra one. Each entry had a number and picked out one of those numbers for me, which ended up belonging to ...


Congratulations to Ken, and I'll be e-mailing you momentarily. Incidentally, you can visit Ken's own blog at

Thanks to everyone who entered and/or got the word out about this giveaway. I greatly appreciate it. Hopefully, I'll be able to host another shelf-clearing giveaway--maybe around Christmas time if the stars align just so.

If you're looking for another giveaway on this blog between now and then, you'll want to stop by here on October 1st because Scott Nicholson's Kindle Giveaway Blog Tour will be making a pit stop at Wag The Fox. So be sure to check that out.