August 9, 2010

"Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space" is Available Now

If you're interested in science-fiction, particularly short stories, then this schill will be right up your alley.

"The Stand-Ins," my latest short story to find its way into publication is now available through Pill Hill Press and the new sci-fi anthology, Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space, edited by Alva J. Roberts. Here's the write-up straight from their site:
This thrilling collection features thirteen fantastic adventures set in the cold vacuum of space. Read about rogues, scoundrels, aliens, robots, heroes, junkers and priests as you explore the rich and creative diversity of the following stories:
  • "Junker’s Fancy" By Rosemary Jones
  • "Leech Run" By Scott W. Baker
  • "A Space Romance" By Paul A. Freeman
  • "Hawking’s Caution" By Mark Rivett
  • "Parhelion" By David Schembri
  • "To Stand Among Kings" By Kenneth Mark Hoover
  • "The Unicorn Tree" By Alethea Kontis
  • "The Beacon of Hope" By Gregory L Norris
  • "Tangwen’s Last Heist" By C.B. Calsing
  • "The Stand-Ins" By Gef Fox
  • "Glacier Castle" By Will Morton
  • "Rescue" By Margaret Karmazin
  • "At One Stride Comes the Dark" By Murray Leeder
I'm pleased to see my first science-fiction story in print, and I'm very much looking forward to reading everyone else's stories. From what I've heard about the other stories, it should prove to be a widely varied colletion of interstellar tales.

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