August 30, 2010

Writing Like Crazy: Multiplying Like Rabbits

After collecting a few more rejections this month I finally hit some pay dirt with a short story submission. Fearology 2, an anthology from Library of Horror Press comprised of animal-themed horror stories, accepted my story "Walk 'Em Up."

I had originally intended to submit a story that's been collecting dust this year that I like, which involves a boy and his dog--and a zombie dog--but I was informed that they wanted to steer clear of zombies and dogs, since they'd been receiving plenty of submissions involving both. So, I had to cook up something else. The suggested story of about a rabid fox didn't pan out as I attempted a rough draft, so I ditched that and created a little tale with a fluffy little bunny as the animal of choice. After I submitted it, I discovered it was up against 140+ other stories, and my hopeful optimism waned ... until I got the e-mail letting me know I made the cut.

The table of contents (viewable on the Library of Horror forum here) for the anthology will include:

  • Running With The Pack - D. K. Latta
  • Cat Food - Joleen Kuyper
  • Walk ‘Em Up - Gef Fox
  • The Monkey’s Sandwich - Craig Saunders
  • Horseman - Renee Carter Hall
  • Alien Registration - James Peak
  • Revenge On Apex Mountain - Michael Hodges
  • What Doesn’t Kill - K. A. Dean
  • Roaches - Amanda Northrup Mays
  • Goats Do Roam - Christopher King
  • Mahishasura - Richard Marsden
  • A Murder Of Crows - Henry Snider
  • Sons Of Gula - R. M. Ridley
  • Canis Finalis - Aaron Legler
  • Feeding Oscar - Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  • Night Of The Widow - Alex J. Kane
  • Smells Like Neurosis - Kent Alyn
  • Peek-A-Boo - Eric Dimbleby
  • Beastial - Martin Rose
  • Infestation - Tom Harold
  • On The Banks Of The Royal Marsh - Daniel Powell
  • Doctor Dolittle He Ain’t - Wayne Goodchild
  • The Tora Bora Horror - Gregory L. Norris


- I've also capped off the month with a couple more submissions. One to Northern Frights Publishing for their anthology, Fallen: An Anthology of Demonic Horror, and another one to Library of Horror Press for their anthology, Malicious Deviance. Fingers crossed on both of those.

- Next up on the short story plate are about a half-dozen open calls for submissions, with deadlines between mid-September and Halloween. There's a ghost story anthology from Whitlock Publishing, another anthology from FableCroft, and the second volume of Tattered Souls from Cutting Block Press. I'm hoping to have something suitable to submit to each of those, as well as others.

- I found out from Jodi Lee on the Library of the Living Dead forums that the edits for the impending Dead Bells anthology are coming up soon. That's good news, as I'm not only excited at the prospect of seeing that book published in the coming months, but I am eager to dive into my contributor's copy to read all of the other stories as well.

- I've been pouring through my contributor's copy of Zero Gravity from Pill Hill Press and have really been entertained by some of the stories I've read so far. A couple of real treats to read have been Peter Freeman's "A Space Romance" and Alethea Kontis's "The Unicorn Tree."


  1. Just an fyi, I gave you an award!

    (Sorry, I couldn't find a better place to let you know).

    Also, congrats on the publication!

  2. Thanks, gang. Your pleasantries sustain me. :)

  3. Congrats on the story, Gef. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm also in Fearology 2 for "Revenge on Apex Mountain".

    I look forward to reading "Walk 'Em Up" as soon as I get a copy. I'm a big fan of creature horror, so this book should be a winner.

    Have a good one!