August 16, 2010

On My Radar: Ouroboros, My Favorite Book from 2009 Is Getting Re-Released

Last November I reviewed a book that came out in limited release through Arcane Wisdom, titled Ouroboros by Michael Kelly and Carol Weekes. It wound up becoming my favorite novel of 2009. You can read my review by clicking HERE to get an idea of what I loved so much about the book.

Now, word is out that the book is getting another release. But this time it'll be coming out as a trade paperback through Dark Regions Press. I'm just pleased as punch to hear that the book is getting another chance to reach a wider audience, and I'll gladly schill it to anyone who reads my blog.

So, if you might be interested in checking out this novel, I encourage you to click HERE to see the order page and get all the information you'll need on how to get your hands on it.

Michael Kelly's Blog: Lonesome Crow


  1. This book sounds awesome! Dark Regions seems to be developing a great line-up.

  2. Agreed. I notice they've snagged Jeff Strand as well.