August 2, 2010

Chasing Tale in July: Raymond Chandler, Tim Davys, Brian Keene ...

I almost melted in July. Oh, the humidity!

Plenty of hot weather, but not that many books to add to my massive to-be-read pile. That's probably for the best though, because I have a ton of books to wade through--and quite a few more expected to appear in my mailbox this summer. My library queue, alone, has been bottlenecking for the past couple of months, and I suspect those books are going to arrive all at once.

Here's a look at the titles I picked up last month:

The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler - Never read a Raymond Chandler novel, but there are a lot of famous authors whose work I've never read yet. Figured I should try to read at least one of Chandler's, though. I found an old paperback of this one, which I heard is supposed to be a really good one. For a buck, what's the harm?

Lanceheim by Tim Davys - At the end of June, I received a request to read and review this noir-ish novel from HarperCollins, cast with stuffed animals. I know, pretty strange, right? So, I hopped onto their website and read the synopsis for the book and thought the premise was too intriguing to pass up, especially considering it's a follow-up to Davys' debut novel, Amberville, which I have since queued at my library. You can read my review of Lanceheim by clicking here.

How to be Good by Nick Hornby - My local library held another book sale in July, but this one was very low-key and very disappointing. Only a couple of small tables with books and none of them really appealed to me. I picked up this book because I felt like I should spend a little bit of coin to support the library, but this isn't even a Hornby title that's on my wish list. Oh well, maybe it'll be a pleasant surprise.

Dead Sea by Brian Keene - I haven't even managed to read The Rising yet, and I stumbled across this Keene novel--involving zombies no less--in my local used-books store. I have a feeling that I'll wind up reading more zombie fiction in 2010 than in every preceding year combined.

Well, those are my finds for this past month. I've got a couple of review copies coming my way too, plus there are a few more books somewhere in the pipeline from Book Junkie via Book Depository that should be arriving soon, I hope.

What interesting reads did you manage to clutch?


  1. Hey I bought Lady in the Lake this month too! Hah! Although, in my case, it's based on a love of Raymond Chandler. I had to read 2 of his books in college for a film noir class. He's a great writer. Very gritty and honest for that time period as well. I'll be seriously shocked if you don't enjoy his writing!

  2. I found a copy of THE DELICATE DEPENDENCY over 4th of July weekend while on a beach vacation; it's an out-of-print 1982 vampire novel that, in near-fine condition, goes for anywhere between $50 to $200 on eBay/Amazon. I paid 50 cents for mine. WIN.

  3. Amanda - Great minds think alike. :)

    Will - Wow. Nice find. That at a bookshop or a yard sale?

  4. It was a library sale that my girlfriend & I just happened upon. They're great for good old books cheap. In fact we were about to leave when I remembered, so I went back to look for it... Glad I did.

  5. I think you will really like the Brian Keene zombie novels. He's one of my must reads.

    Thanks for your comment about my giveaway. Follow me and I'll make sure there will be international giveaways soon.

  6. Will - Oh yeah, I try to hit the library sales whenever they occur around here, which is usually twice a year.

    Karen - I hope so. I'm gonna tear into The Rising soon.