July 19, 2010

These Blogs Have Heart: A Little Love for 5 Book Blogs I Like

Over the past year-and-change of this blog, a few other bloggers have been kind enough to dish out little blog button awards to me as a sign of approval. As much as I appreciate the sentiment, I've been lax in returning the favor--until today.

A while back I whipped up a little graphic on PhotoShop as a lark, but put it out of mind as soon as I'd finished--I do that quite a bit. So, I figure now is as good a time as any to offer a modest spotlight on five book blogs (or blogs that include discussions about books) that I think people ought to check out if they haven't already.

Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia - Celia has been hammering out her blog about as long as me, and she's managed to carve an a pretty eclectic niche as a gal with a diverse range of reading habits. She also has a kindly way of discussing her likes--and her dislikes. She'll review YA and urban fantasy, but she'll dive into science-fiction and even a little horror to boot. Plus, she hosts the occasional contest, plus strikes up some interesting meme topics when the mood strikes her.

Book Junkie - When Brande says she's a book junkie, she ain't kidding. This gal devours romance and other genres like they're going out of style. Romance isn't exactly my forte, but I have been opening myself up to new reading experiences over the last couple of years. And Brande has been a great ambassador for all things lusty and lascivious. Of course, I may be biased on account of winning a contest at the start of the year in which I won a metric ton of books from her.

Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews - Mihai (aka Dark Wolf) has been going strong since 2008 on the blogosphere, offering some great reviews of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi titles. He's also a great appreciator of cover artists and what they contribute to the literary world. I've been fortunate enough to be turned on to more than one novel thanks to Dark Wolf's recommendations. And I'm usually reminded of the latest spat of literary and genre awards that have been divvied out when I visit this blog.

Dead in the South - Kent loves horror just as unapologetically as I do, and his blog is reflective of that. One of the great things about the blog is how it'll put me on track to a novel or an author I've never heard tell of, but when I do I instantly want to read that work. It's where I first learned about fellow Maritimer and horror author, Steve Vernon--ain't that something? Plus, being from the south, Kent's got the inside track on some of that great horror coming from below the Mason-Dixon.

Grasping for the Wind - John runs a magnificent blog dedicated to science-fiction and fantasy. The place is like a compendium of reviews, interviews, previews, and aggregated links to even more content to satiate a reader's appetite. I've especially appreciated discovering some of the podcasts the blog provides links to, like Geek's Guide to the Galaxy, Dead Robots Society, and Functional Nerds. If you're not familiar with sci-fi, but want to get your feet wet, you could find worse places to start than here.

So, there you have it. Now, I'll just leave it to these five bloggers to see if they want to pass along the blog button love to five other bloggers they think deserve a little recognition. I've noticed that some of these little blog award things come with provisos requiring other tidbits of information, but I think simply expressing a small testimonial about each blog they choose is more than sufficient.

Thanks again to Celia, Brande, Mihai, Kent, and John for keeping my Google Reader chock-full of bloggy goodness.


  1. Great write-up, I'm sure all these bloggers appreciate your post.

    As for me, more blogs waiting to be discovered!

  2. These blogs look good. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for the praise. It was a very nice thing to say, and is welcome for one of those times I was thinking of chucking the whole thing.

  4. Cate, Atroxion, Sarah - You're welcome. I'm sure you'll each find at least one to put on your own blogroll.

    Kent - Bah, I know what you mean when it comes to think of scrapping the blog. This thing's given me more hiccups and headaches than it's probably worth, but I keep going--because I'm stubborn.

  5. Thank you very much, for the award and for your wonderful words. It means a lot to me :)

  6. I've had this blog post open on my laptop ever since you published it, and I've been meaning to tell you how absolutely lovely it is, and how encouraging I found it, and all that sort of thing. (all true, by the way) I don't really have a reason for waiting this long to get to it, except that I feel guilty, because I don't accept awards on the blog anymore (and that's out of sheer laziness). THANK YOU for your very kind words, and just know that I love your blog in return. You = awesome. Stay that way, please.

  7. No worries on not posting the award on blog, as that's not everyone's bag. You're still quite deserving of a little recognition. :) And you're a little bit of awesome, yourself.