July 6, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week Approaches

This year I've decided to register Wag the Fox with Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Last year, I was merely a spectator, though I did manage to discover a good number of blogs to visit, which I am now following.

I've registered myself under the Eclectic Book Blog category, as my reviews delve into more than one specific genre. I'm also required to offer five samples as part of the review part, for when it comes time for participants to vote on their favorites for each category. So here are my five:I was asked to offer five blog posts from the past year I considered my best writing. I honestly am not keen on singling out posts in that way, since I'm less interested in garnering an award than I am in just adding a voice--small though it may be--in favor of dark fiction. Granted, the Book Vs. Movie post doesn't reflect that, but I never claimed to be consistent.

If you have an idea of a blog post I've written that reflects my better writing, go ahead and leave a comment. And be sure to check out BBAW when it starts on September 13.