August 4, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #58: Freezer Burn

Wish List Wednesday is a weekly meme I started back in July '09, in which I put the spotlight on a book that is on my wish list--whether new release, blast from the past, or hidden gem.

Joe R. Lansdale might be best known for his "Hap & Leonard" series, but there's a stand-alone novel he wrote a while back called Freezer Burn that sounds like it could be a very fun read.

It's about some schlub named Bill who is hard up for cash and winds up, with a couple buddies, trying to rob the local firecracker stand. After that endeavor get botched and he's left scarred, he becomes a fugitive hiding among a traveling sideshow. While among the other "freaks," he starts lusting after the boss's wife. How does all that relate to the title? Well, there's apparently a frozen corpse traveling with the show that may or may not be the body of Jesus Christ. Yup.

There's a mystique about carnivals, traveling and otherwise, that has always appealed to me on some level. They seem like the perfect kind of setting to set a story, as evidenced by HBO's "Carnivale" and Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. Whether it's the carnies or the midway games or the rides or the kaleidoscopic array of smells that hit you when you're walking through one--no matter if it's the heat of the day or that crazily-lit night.

Anyway, I've got my eye out for this one. Does is sound like the kind of novel you'd want to read? If you've read it already, what did you think of it?


  1. I enjoyed it, but I'm a big Lansdale fan. Worth looking for, IMO.

  2. I just got it queued at the library. It's an inter-library loan though, so it could be a while.

  3. I thought it was great, but then again, like KentAllard, I'm a big Lansdale fan.
    Just don't go into it thinking its going to be like Carnivale or SWTWC. It's a lot more... hmm, trying to think of a word here. "Tacky"? OTT? In a good way.
    Not as much of a crowd pleaser as the Hap and Leonard books, so YMMV.