June 30, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #53: Handling the Undead

Wish List Wednesday is a weekly meme I started back in July '09, in which I put the spotlight on a book that is on my wish list--whether new release, blast from the past, or hidden gem.

Last month I reviewed John Lindqvist's debut novel, Let the Right One In, which you can read here. The guy did a great job in exploring vampirism in a way I hadn't seen done--at least in quite a while. Turned out there was good reason why I'd mentioned that book in the very first Wish List Wednesday.

So after a full year since putting Let the Right One In on my wish list, I'm placing Lindqvist's second novel on it. A book called Handling the Undead.

Once again Lindqvist uses his home country of Sweden as the setting, but this time there are no vampires. Zombies are the undead creatures now. After a strange electrical disturbance in Stockholm, the newly dead beging to reanimate in morgues and cemeteries across the city. However, these aren't the run-of-the-mill brain-munchers you're used to, as these zombies are a bit more ordinary and try to reintegrate into society. And that's just the start of this book apparently.

This sound like the kind of book you'd be interested in reading too? Have you read it already? If so, what did you think of it?


  1. I've been hearing about this for a while now. Loved Let the right one in. So getting this.

  2. I hear ya. And I have a sneaking suspicion this one is in development too for a film adaptation.