June 28, 2010

What Will Be The Next Trend In Fiction? I Think I Know.

Io9 had a fun article a little while ago called So what comes next after steampunk and zombies?

The article, written by Charlie Jane Anders, discussed some of the shared traits between novels that incorporate zombies and steampunk landscapes, as well as pointing out the interesting dichotomy of zombies showing a bleak vision of the future, while steampunk offers an almost nostalgic and optimistic view of the past. Near the end of the article, Charlie mused that whatever comes after two of the most well-worn trends in fiction right now needs to hold that essential element of escapism. I won't spoil what Charlie's guess is on what's next, but only that I don't share in the opinion.

My best guess? Well, it's obvious, isn't it?


: by Film Cow

Happy Monday, everybody.


  1. Ha! Resists the temptation to write a unicorn book.

  2. lol, I know what you mean. It wasn't long after I uploaded this that I found a book called Blue Kingdom: Zombies, Werewolves, and Unicorns/ Too late. :)