June 4, 2010

Rabid Rewind: Capitalism: A Love Story

Title: Capitalism: A Love Story
Written, Produce, & Directed by: Michael Moore
Released: Alliance Films (2009)
Genre: Documentary; "Leftist Propaganda"

I think Michael Moore has created one of the most frightening films I've seen this year.

During the financial meltdown of 2008, I watched from Canada and wondered how in the blue hell something like that could be permitted to happen. It defied reason, and the solution seemed even more insane. As a poor man , I had been naive enough to assume the people who had the money knew what the heck they were doing. At least doing it legally. And maybe that's where the scare factor comes in, because it looks like the whole Wall Street fiasco was perfectly within the law. Wow.

You keep hearing on the news about how the gap between the wealthy and the rest continues to grow, thus systematically eroding away at the middle class. But when you get a guy like Michael Moore to paint the picture with his particular flourish, you're left thinking the entire country has been swindled. I mean, when the richest 1% of the country has more money than the bottom 95% combined, is the term "redistribution of wealth" really so obscene? And that 1% keeps hacking away at the other 99% every year.

Michael Moore has a propensity for coming off as a smarmy prick when he's speaking on camera. Maybe it's just the frumpy attire (reminds me of me too much). But, I suppose it's only fair for the left to have a high profile a-hole considering the ring of them that exist on the right. Regardless of his appearance or tone though, the guy can make an entertaining and informative documentary. He might not be impartial, but he doesn't parade around as if he is.

Capitalism: A Love Story is a film that rails against the elite and the powers-that-be he deems responsible for the credit crisis, mortgage crisis, trade crisis, and accountability crisis with such indignation and contempt, you'd half wonder if Michael Moore were a member of the Tea Party. Sadly, the Tea Party seems more occupied with targeting Barack Hussein Obama than going after the actual criminals that are working quite diligently to rape and pillage America for everything it's worth.

Have there been any Tea Party protests on Wall Street? If the answer is no, I will not be shocked.

The blank check given to Wall Street by Bush (followed by Obama) wreaked of the same stench that came from the bill of goods sold to America in order to declare war on Iraq in 2003. Michael Moore shines a light on just how eery the similarities are. I'm no the economist, though. Those guys were saying it would be the Great Depression 2.0 if taxpayers didn't hand over billions upon billions of dollars that instant. The money went to the banks and then, as if no one would be curious about where the money would go, the banks started buying jets, handing out bonuses, and buying up more banks. Meanwhile Main Street continued to get the shaft.

The only way they could have appeared more unabashedly evil would have been if they'd started construction on a Death Star.

Oh crap, did they build a Death Star?

It's a decent film, but I'm afraid it looks like it's only the beginning of the story. In 2010, it seems it's business as usual for the banks, as they are declaring record profits and snubbing their noses at any inclination towards regulation or oversight. Champagne and bonuses are flowing like water again. The unapologetic greed within capitalist and corporatist culture is renewed. And good people are still losing their jobs, losing their savings, and losing their homes.

So far as I know, none of the crooks responsible have been put in prison. Bernie Madoff is bush league compared to them. Elm Street has nothing on Wall Street. And that's what makes this film so damned frightening. They're still on the loose.

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