June 21, 2010

Killer Kitsch: Horror Decor

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Well, you've only got about six months left before it's Christmas Day--and about three weeks before stores start promoting their Christmas sales. Yeah, at this point they're hyping Christmas shopping before Halloween. That's where we are nowadays.

In case you haven't, and you're looking for a one-stop shop for all sorts of gruesome gifts, I stumbled across a website that might fit the bill: Horror Decor.

I can't remember now where I spied the link for it--might have been Bloody-Disgusting.com--but the first thing I found when I visited the online store's site was a pillow with a bloody ax printed on it. Gah. At that's one of the tamer little pieces of kitsch they've got for sale.

I saw a pillow shaped like Jason Vorhees's hockey mask, though not explicitly labeled as such for copyright reasons, I'm sure. There were blood-spattered lampshades, blood-spattered petri dish Christmas ornaments--yes, you read that right--and even a blood-spattered buzzsaw clock. I guess you could safely guess that at least half their merchandise is blood-spattered.

Anyway, it was an interesting site to browse through, so if you're looking for something special for that sicko in your life, check out Horror Decor.

My favorite item up for sale? Hmmm, the eyeball candle was eye-catching. Ooh, yuck, that pun was uncalled for.

Horror Decor - Make Evey Day A Living Nightmare!

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  1. Ha ha, yeah. Christmas in July. I wish they promoted Halloween all year long.