May 5, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #45: Shadow on the Sun

Richard Matheson is capable of telling a story well no matter which genre it falls under. A re-release this year that has me interested comes from Tor, a western-horror tale called Shadow on the Sun.

This was originally published in 1994, but it apparently didn't catch on beyond western aficionados. But the supernatural and horror elements should lend themselves well to people who are a little averse, for whatever reasons, to reading a story set in the Old West. And after reading Matheson's Journal of the Gun Years, I'm more than willing to read another of his westerns.

Set in Arizona, a truce between Apaches and the whites is shattered when two white men are murdered and mutilated. And an Indian agent has to solve the mystery before the dusty desert town is thrown into more bloodshed, possibly at the hands of a stranger in town wearing a dead man's clothes. Hmmm, I think there's a hint of the undead here.

So have you heard of this Matheson title? Does it sound like the kind of book you'd be into reading too?

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