May 18, 2010

Wag the Blog #14: Silent Hill Is a Real Place?!

I can't recall how I stumbled across A Rock to Tie a String Around,(a retweet on Twitter or something like that maybe) but there was an interesting blog entry called 3 Horror Stories Inspired by Earth Day. The one place that really caught my eye was the second location, Centralia, Pennsylvania. A fire pit inadvertently ignited a coal reserve underground ... and it's been burning for nearly fifty years. What the hell? What rock have I been under that I never knew this place existed?

Mark Chadbourn wrote a blog article on Jack of Ravens that kind of depressed me, mainly because of the title--I Pity New Writers. It's got some good advice for newbies like me and an interesting comparison between writers of old and the new school. I'm new, but I already feel like a dinosaur.

The Vault of Horror and Day of the Woman had a real interesting list of their picks for the Top 10 Penultimate Girls in horror films. I was glad to see Lambert (the female character in Alien that wasn't Ripley) made the cut. It's been a few years since I last saw that movie, but I can still remember Lambert's feckless attempts to maintain composure and stay alive. The lady in the #1 spot slipped my mind before seeing her name, but the choice made perfect sense.

BJ-C at Day of the Woman is on a roll too, as she also posted 15 Horror Locations You Should Avoid Like The Plague. Could Stepford really be so bad for the guys? Well, maybe. What town was Deliverance set in? I'd avoid that one too--definitely wouldn't want to go in the woods at any rate.

Over at Storytellers Unplugged, Brett Alexandor Savory wrote an interesting article called Don't Read the Label. It discussed an acclaimed literary author's past in the horror genre--I had no idea. And it kicks off the dust on the ol' Literary Vs. Genre argument. I just like good stories, so give me those by the bowlful.

Brian Keene gave a heads-up on his own blog that pointed me towards this interview he did with Dark Fiction Underground. It's a new site on my radar and I think I'll be checking out more in the future. In any event, you can read their interview with Brian Keene here.

Speaking of author interviews, Blog with Bite has a good panel discussion with a few authors, including Jonathan Maberry and Nate Kenyon, and the featured author Michael E. Stewart. Let's Talk Horror lets each author give their two cents on the genre and what it means to them.

Then, one author--namely F. Paul Wilson--felt compelled to cut a little diatribe about Word Thieves back in mid-April on True/Slant. Not done there, he followed it up with another blog entry about Word Thieves II on May 6th. Both entries sparked some debate among authors, readers, and pirates alike.

Author, Alan Baxter, didn't go on his own diatribe, but he clued me in to an Obscenity Ruling by The Onion. That's a site I admire but never visit. Oh how I wish something like that could take place in the real world--I'd nominate the judge for sainthood.

And it's not exactly blog stuff, but Slate has a couple of good articles about two of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury, Mythologist of our Age, and Philip Pullman, The Gospel According to Philip. Read and enjoy.

What have you found on the blogosphere lately that you found particularly noteworthy?


  1. Ouch, that last line of the Chadbourne article really stings.

    Thanks for the links.