May 7, 2010

My Five: Favorite Horror Podcasts

One good way to get a little bit of insight from authors is through interviews. You can read all kinds on the internet, but if you're like me then you might want to listen to the author as well. It's odd sometimes, since the voice you hear for the first time doesn't always match the voice you've got in your head from reading their stories. I remember hearing Clive Barker for the first time and thinking, "Holy crap, he must be a chain smoker, or someone hit in the throat with a chainsaw."

Over the last couple of years, I've been fortunate enough to find a few podcasts that have really been entertaining and informative within the horror genre. So, I thought I'd share the five that pretty much have me downloading episodes on a regular basis.

#5: The Agony Column - LINK - While this site doesn't specifically cater to fans of dark fiction, the host of the interview podcasts has managed to speak with some of the most notable authors of horror and fantasy. I found the conversations with Dan Simmons, Max Brooks, Peter Straub, and Ray Garton especially enjoyable.

#4: Diabolical Radio - LINK - Chris and Chase talk movies, books, and just about anything else that's on their minds--friends and acquaintances even drop by to give their two cents on occasion. But aside from the rambling on random topics, the list of horror authors interviewed by Chris is kind of stellar. Gary Braunbeck, Brian Keene, John Saul, Jack Ketchum, Ed Gorman, and Joe R. Lansdale have all taken the time, as have many others, to sit down and talk shop.

#3: Dread Media - LINK - Desmond Reddick hosts this weekly podcast, along with Darryl, discussing all things horror. There is the occasional book review or author interview--Jeff Strand even co-hosted the podcast a few weeks ago--but most of the time is dedicated to discussing horror films, comic books, and some heavy metal music. Thanks to these guys, I decided to go out and look up some classic/cult horror movies to see for the first time.

#2: The Funky Werepig - LINK - Greg Hall is a nut. And along with cohort, Jezzy Wolfe, he puts on what might be the most irreverently entertaining podcast I've ever listened to. An author himself, he takes the piss out of some of the authors and publishers he interviews. His interviews with the likes of Brian Keene and Amy Grech remain two of the more memorable/disturbing episodes offered. To listen to those episodes, then see on the backlog interviews with Robert McCammon and Peter Straub, you might wonder just how far left of center the discussions might go ... whether the authors are willing participants or not. And then there's the "after show."

#1: Pod of Horror - LINK - Unlike the other podcasts listed here, PoH isn't a weekly show. It's supposedly monthly, but scheduling conflicts and other factors can make devoted listeners like me waiting for weeks on end for a new episode. When the episodes do go online though, they are well worth the wait. Mark Justice interviews the biggest names in horror, as well as the most promising up-and-comers. Nancy Kalanta appears to give the news on the latest and upcoming releases in horror fiction, and Jason Keene reviews movies in a segment called "Moonshine Matinée." Norm Rubenstein used to offer some fantastic book reviews on the show, but it's been months since he's done that, which is a shame because he has recommended some amazing books--thanks to him I discovered Ouroboros by Michael Kelly and Carol Weekes, which remains my favorite book of 2009.

Well, that's my five.

Have you got any podcasts on your playlist that you faithfully tune in to? Anything, horror or otherwise, you think I ought to check out?


  1. Ya know, I've not got round to listening to any horror podcasts! Shame on me.

    Thanks for this list, you've made it so much easier now!

  2. I don't do much, but I do what I can. :)