May 25, 2010

Killer Kitsch: Living Dead Dolls

Imagine waking up Christmas morning, running down to see what Santa gave you, and you see one of these sinister lookin' things sitting under the tree. Living Dead Dolls are just about the creepiest looking dolls I've seen in years. About the only dolls I can remember that beat it were my sister's--those derelict ones she had that had the eyes that closed when you laid them down, but they were so old only one eye worked, so they'd give you a lunatic wink. Bah, creepy.

The ones pictured above are some of the company's more recent license acquisitions. Each iteration is derived from the franchise reboots. That Michael Myers one on the right takes the cake, as far as I'm concerned. Makes Chucky look like a G.D. Care Bear.

And if you think those are creepy, I dare you to visit their website and check out some of their other creations. They range from morbidly cute like the Beetlejuice doll to an unsettling Twisted Love series with two dolls paired with a broken heart charm necklace.

It looks like the company is an offshoot of Mezco Toys, which has a whole list of licensed doll lines, including Hellboy, the Goonies, South Park--and I kid you not--Miami Vice. There's something I'd like to know: what kind of person would be demented enough to want a Miami Vice doll?

It takes all kinds.

Oh, and if you were wondering if Living Dead Dolls have a Jason Vorhees doll based on last year's movie reboot, they got you covered.


  1. Nice. I actually have one of the older ones from Series 5 (bought off ebay a couple years ago).

    Some of these things go up in value over the years too. People collect them like Beanie Babies. :-P

  2. The appreciating value of dolls and action figures never ceases to amaze me. The Star Wars fanatics are especially awe-inspiring with their dedication.