May 14, 2010

Killer Kitsch: Dollhouse Miniatures

I don't own a dollhouse.

An odd statement to blurt out, I'll admit, but I only preface this blog entry with that statement because I'm going to talk about dollhouse collectibles for a bit. I will say this though: If I had a dollhouse, I'd be looking into snagging a couple of these things.

I'm referring to the Miniature Bookshelf. I can only assume this site exists because dollhouse owners like to give their little houses lots of accessories and decorations. And if you're also a bibliophile, then what better way to show that love of books than by displaying a couple of your favorites in miniature form.

Get a load of that, will ya. Take a penny out of your pocket or from between the couch cushions and get a load of that. For $5.99 that tiny little fake book could be yours ... or you could buy the real thing for that much at a used-book shop. Your call.

There's more than just a few Stephen King books on the site--there are a ton to be found there and on Amazon, though. You can find book replicas from other authors.

How about some Edgar Allen Poe or Shirley Jackson for your little dolls to read? Or maybe they're Tom Clancy or Danielle Steele fans.

I just find the whole notion of this to be a bit creepy. But, I don't own a dollhouse. Who am I to judge? The site is worth checking out if you're curious, as there are miniature toys, groceries, and even movie posters. I found the one I'd want for my G.I. Joe action figures.


  1. Oh, I totally geeked out over that first one!

  2. I can't help it but I really want the Shirley Jackson book. One of my faves in any size.

  3. They look so cute. Though I am a little worried that adults play with dolls houses.

  4. Natalie - Yeah, that was the first one I saw, I think.

    Ryan - Some of the authors whose works have been miniaturized is impressive. Kurt Vonnegut, for goodness sake.

    Cate - ... and toy trains. That might be more worrying.