April 21, 2010

Wish List Wednesday #43: Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror

The last time I featured an anthology for Wish List Wednesday was back in October with Paul Kane's and Marie O' Regan's Hellbound Hearts anthology (WLW #18). I think it's about time I blog about another anthology I hope to have in my clutches--Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, edited by Ellen Datlow.

I love me some short stories. I just do. I tend to get the collections of a single author, like Harlan Ellison's Ellison Wonderland or Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes, but anthologies are a great source of entertainment too. Joyce Carol Oates edited a great one called American Gothic a few years back that should be enjoyed by all.

With Darkness, Datlow has brought together twenty stories from twenty authors that stretch over the course of twenty years. Imagine the daunting task of picking out only twenty stellar stories from that time frame. And over the last two decades, there have been enough classics that it would be easy for her to choose stories that have been published multiple times already. Ellen Datlow dared to steer away from the stories that have been featured in previous anthologies, however, and has amassed twenty tales that are still fantastic but may not be so familiar with the masses.

The list of contributors includes Joe Hill, Peter Straub, Poppy Z. Brite, and even George R. R. Martin.

Have you heard tell of this anthology? Is it on your wish list, or have you already ordered a copy? Or are short stories just not your cup of tea?


  1. It's a fantastic collection. I'm about halfway through...too many heavyweights to read at one time. "The Pear Shaped Man" by George R.R. Martin is a masterpiece.

  2. It sounds like a great read, and it's great to see Poppy Z. Brite get the recognition she deserves.

    I'm very partial to my full length novels, but have been known to delve into an anthology or two. Check out Dark Delicacies Vol Ed. by Del Howison, and October Dreams Ed. by Richard Chizmar. They're both incredible books.

  3. Aaron - I heard Ellen Datlow in an interview really put over "The Pear Shaped Man." Looking forward to reading it.

    Paperback - I've actually already read October Dreams, which I found to be a highly entertaining anthology that earned a permanent place on my bookshelf alongside The October Country.